thomas Thomas Fischer – Bertelsmann Foundation
christian Christian Gsodam – Committee of the Regions
patricia Patricia Benda – European Commission
chris Chris Jones – European Commission
zach Zach Hester – European Commission

… and many others working in and around the EU institutions to whom we extend our gratitude.

Also, a special mention for our two partners that made this project possible: Débora Votquenne – Journalist and Producer and Alain Clément – Director of Photography and Graphic Artist.

“Hearts and Minds for Europe”

The idea
Our e-publication features interviews with citizens working in various ways for Europe in Brussels, and with citizens all over Europe demonstrating why Europe is important for us all, and, most importantly, putting a human face on ‘the EU’.

Origin of the initiative
In 2013 Hearts and Minds for Europe was set-up as one initiative following a brainstorming of 50 people about “Why do we work for Europe?” the year before.

The aim of this private initiative launched by EU officials is to play a part in communicating more effectively about the many things that the European Union offers to its citizens. The initiative is not about institutional or (party) political communication but focuses on personal messages from citizens working for Europe in Brussels and citizens from all over Europe. Hearts and Minds for Europe is a voluntary project and officials contribute free of charge.

Today we are again in the eve of European elections and we are preparing our second generation of interviews and update those of the first generation. Europe is at stake and we are convinced that it is up to all of us to get up and vote and show responsibility for our #FutureofEurope.

The objective of the initiative is twofold.
– the group wants to go beyond what each of its members already does in his/her job to promote Europe, and add its voice to the European debate. This is done through “giving Brussels a face”, interviewing people from diverse backgrounds working for Europe in Brussels.
– the group wants to encourage others working in the “EU village” in Brussels to communicate directly with citizens about their work, in order to show that everyone can make a difference to what the EU does.

Distribution of material
The material on the website can be used free of charge in print media, social media and audiovisual media, subject to quote the source ‘Hearts and Minds for Europe’. All videos are accessible here, in high resolution.

The contents of this website express the views of the interviewed persons and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the European Union or of any of its institutions and bodies. The European Union cannot be held responsible in any way whatsoever for any use that may be made of the information contained within.


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